Introduction: My name is Carty Sewill.

My name is Carty Sewill and I’ve been posting my eccentric collection of original art online for over a decade. Starting on ConceptArt.org and continuing to Tumblr, where I gained mild popularity, I synthesize my eclectic interests into traditional art, graphic design, illustration, and words. These days I host my own content at CartySewill.com; I shill on my new Instagram and other forums like Something Awful. (No Facebook guys, sorry.)

Creating everything from an assortment of art books to meme coins like Wownero; a real cryptocurrency. I’ve been lucky enough to ply my wares over email and via niche online stores. Having sold more than 400 original works of art online my paintings hang everywhere from Taipei to Israel. My preoccupations and endeavors are diversified.

Including an interest, and liberal arts major at SJSU, in philosophy I tend to find myself leaning towards the esoteric. A life-long science fiction reader and endless podcast binger when significant enthusiasm arises it leaks into my work. 

An example of which can be found in my work as a young artist; helping to create video game mods in the early 2000’s, like Red Orchestra. Shortly after I became involved at DCEmulation.org. I incorporate both digital tools, like 3D Studios Max, and traditional mediums, like acrylic ink, in my work. 

Work created while living in Fresno, the Bay Area, and Brooklyn; doing freelance gigs, such as corporate art installations, and design. With one or two full time positions, illustrating and writing for companies like Private Internet Access, along the way.

If you’d like to speak to me email cartyisme [at] gmail [dot] com. Or log onto to Freenode and find cisme_ in #Wownero or #Monero. You can also pm /u/Cartyisme on reddit

Why Zines: What Year is This?

Printed goods and mediums have been a hallmark of civilized society dating back to 30,000 BC, when caveman blew pigment to stencil their hands on cave walls. Ensuring the veracity of currency since the 3rd Century BC it’s had an inconceivable impact on our lives. When it went mainstream with movable type in 1439 the printing press single handedly changed the rate at which information changed hands. 

The cornerstone of the Protestant Reformation and American Revolution, like the internet the printing-press opened floodgates data and decentralized it’s distribution. The circulation of a simple pamphlet, Common Sense, stirred revolution and incited political dissidents. Print frames information with immediacy; a sense of importance. A characteristic Andy Warhol encapsulated on canvas.

For a time the internet had this in abundance. Much like the DIY pamphlet printers and zine makers of yesteryear, hello Abbie Hoffman, newsgroups and IRC were lacking the technological discord of today’s internet. Ads abound the internet has become the equivalent of late nineties magazines. Entertaining and fun but inundated corporate approved information. The interests of the content providers begin aligning with their sponsors. The sponsors in turn curate the information. Leaving us in a perpetual state of deja vu.

As digital tools and mediums continue to out-profit physical ones print’s rarity increases. Like art, highlighted obsolescence begets consideration.

Zine Themes and Art: This is weird.

Like anyone who’s ever manically rationalized the existence, and earthly visitation, of extraterrestrials at a family dinner has learned, it’s hard to find an audience. Especially when pedaling aberrant ideas or arcane coincidences. 

Unlike my many dinner table rants handing off a pamphlet only takes a minute. In addition, it’s much more concise. The topics may very from Hubbard, to LHP, and the Renaissance but they seek to engage the reader aesthetically and enlighten the unaware. Shilling my ever liquid world view.

A short five minute read they don’t ask much. Accompanied by my original art, work that shifts from 3D to pen and paper, my goal is to interest readers and get them to dig further. There’s no brand, notice of authorship, or any discernible motive. They’re very approachable.

My hope is decentralized distribution. Both ordered and paginated PDFs are available for download. Provided free of charge. Formatted for the average paper size, 8.5 x 11 in., you can print or view at home via an ordered PDF.

Paginated PDFs are linked as well. To be printed in saddle-stitch, they can easily be mass produced on the cheap at any print shop. A ‘How to Print’ guide is up top to make it simple. Hand them out in class or on campus. Of course, you can buy a signed copy online as well.

Posted under an Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License the work is free to edit.

Summary: TLDR

More interested in the abstract my zines favor illustrating odd and peculiar topics. With a few lewd and artsy pamphlets thrown in here and there. No advertisement or ulterior motives. They’re made as a grabby quick read for the average reader. 

Print is hard to censor, DIY, distributable, and not curated by internet gatekeepers. With it’s ever growing obscurity comes greater examination. Written and illustrated by yours truly these zines are downloadable, printable, and distributable for free in ordered as well as paginated formats. Edit as you wish. Or plagiarize for a school paper, whatever.

You can read the content on my website or read the PDF online. If you really like a zine print it.